Agiotech es creada en Enero de 2012, por un grupo de profesionales expertos en modelos eficientes de servicio "Post-Venta" orientado al mercado de electrónicos de consumo en la región de Latinoamérica, contando con más de 15 años de experiencia en el soporte a compañías consideradas dentro de las Top 25 OEM's en la Industria Electrónica.
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Agiotech of Mexico

Agiotech is created on Jan 2012, by a group of professionals widely experienced in efficient Post-Sales service models for consumer electronics on Latin America region, with over 15 years experience supporting different companies rated within world-wide Top 25 OEM's of electronics industry.

Our company arises as a response to consumer electronic market needs of integral services solutions, which help to reduce warranty costs of their own products either by unit replace, refurbish or repair, while ensuring end customer total satisfaction.


Based on best in class industry service models, Agiotech brings total solutions to its customers by grouping our services within 5 core strategies:


Materials Management


Whole product and Component Repair


Whole product and Kit Assembly


IT Solutions for E2E Post-Sales Service


Business Models tailored to our customers specific needs

These service processes are required by companies that manufacture or distribute products and/or components at certain country or region and consequently, need to provide end user with warranty support on their products for a period of time, such as repair and refurbish, distribution and supply.


Our business arises as a response to consumer electronic market needs of integral services solutions, which help to reduce warranty costs of their own products either by unit replace, refurbish or repair, while ensuring end customer total satisfaction.

Company's creation is based on these fundamental market facts:


As new technologies and competitors come into the market, consumer electronics companies have dramatically reduced their profit margins. As a result, costs related to Post-Sales/Warranty services became a "High Priority" matter to these companies, where overall profitability will depend more and more on company's ability to retrieve their electronic products and/or components within shortest period of time at lower cost possible.


Worldwide leading manufacturers had significant growth, in most cases requiring external support for processing after- sales services, through suppliers able to provide with real solutions for the entire product life cycle.


It is estimated that only in Mexico, major computer brands have annual expenses on services support by USD $76.5 M.


Few companies in market are able to offer real solutions and integral Post-Sales services in Mexico and Latin America. Moreover, even less of them can rely on an adequate structure, knowledge and business experience enough to attract and efficiently maintain large projects responding to service levels expected by customers.


Expected service levels in Post-Sale processes have become more and more challenging, so, its fulfillment demands having high level technical processes, as well as more sophisticated and intelligent IT systems.


Agiotech founders have worked together for over 15 years in some of most important OEM's/ODM's world-wide companies in electronics consumer industry, where they acquired extensive knowledge and sense of market needs, as a result of their active participation on successful service projects.
As years went by, they developed innovative business models which, facing up to a changing reality facilitate the seemingly

complicated labor of providing flexible solutions to the demands inherent in operational and business dynamics.
This ability to sense customer needs and expectations have led them to anticipate strategies in order to successfully deal with future market/product trends, together with financial scenarios which guarantee profitability to all parties.

  • For over 9 years, we've worked together in the world-wide leader in manufacturing of components and electronics, where founded and expanded the Latin America Services Division, with presence at 5 biggest market countries of region.
  • We developed and implemented the most complete Post-Sales services solutions of world-wide electronics industry, by merging a set business models tailored to our customer, the biggest computer seller in the world. Such a program processed a monthly average of 18,000+ repair order events and 60,000+ spare part dispatch events.
  • We delivered to our customer the highest service level ever received in their post-sales services, maintaining a 90% average of repaired units within 24 hours, as well as 98% of spare part dispatch within same business day.
  • We developed IT integral solutions, adapted to operational needs and continuous improvement requirements through project lifecycle.
  • Built up a substantial expertise in global business management, through application of innovative and efficient business models, setting up strong business relationship with our customers.


Become market leaders in integral post-sales services and E2E solutions for re-manufacturing, repair and refurbish of consumer electronic products all over the American Continent.


Our philosophy is based on Professional Ethics, Honesty, Loyalty, Commitment and Respect.


Being a vanguardist company that provides integral post-sales solutions to our customers, supporting their consumer electronic products lifecycles through efficient business models.


We are clear about our objectives, and they're focused on building in the immediate term a services platform which is able to set up business programs in a short time, while keeping a high performance level.



  • New business development
  • Strategic solutions
  • Project Management
  • Contracts


  • Planning and Purchasing
  • Inventory and Warehousing
  • Logistics
  • Quality Assurance
  • Research and Development


  • Accountability & Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technologies
  • Legal