Agiotech es creada en Enero de 2012, por un grupo de profesionales expertos en modelos eficientes de servicio "Post-Venta" orientado al mercado de electrónicos de consumo en la región de Latinoamérica, contando con más de 15 años de experiencia en el soporte a compañías consideradas dentro de las Top 25 OEM's en la Industria Electrónica.
Agiotech Ubicada en Av. Aviación 5051 Nave 8, Zapopan, Jalisco, 45019, México Teléfono+523336277575


If you have any comment or question regarding our company or services, we'll be happy to attend you either via e-mail or telephone, so please feel free to contact us at:


Parque Industrial Guadalajara
Circuito de la Productividad Poniente 117,
Col. Las pintas
El Salto, Jalisco. C.P. 45690

+52 (33) 3627-7575

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Access to on line support


What kind of products do you support for repair?
A: We repair all types of computer equipment, such as laptop, desktop and tablets, as well as electronic and communication equipment such as TV screens, monitors, cell phones and video consoles, among others. For the moment, we support end users with repair service for laptops, desktops and tablets. Coming soon we will expand our services to more products.
How do I contract diagnostics and repair services?
A: You can contract any service through our customer service phone + (33) 3627 7575 or directly on our web site /ordenes. Here you will find the support which will help you to clarify your doubts regarding services you require.
What are the types of services, prices and conditions offered under your products?
A: In our web site you can find the section "Prices", which shows in detail the types of services, conditions and costs of the service offered. For review of Terms and Conditions of each service provided, you only need to place your mouse cursor in the service or price you want to know.
What are the steps I have to follow to repair my equipment with you?
A: Jus follow these simple steps:

1. Contact our customer service phone + (33) 3627 7575 and an operator will take your information, or fill out the form that appears on the following link to our site:
2. Once entered your order in our systems, we will send you the service number which you will use to follow up progress throughout the process.
3. A courier will go to address you provided, to pick up your product and bring it to our facilities.
4. Once we receive your product, we will perform a complete diagnostics, which will identify in detail all repair needs on it. If replacement component or further repair involving additional cost is needed, we will contact you to in order to repair quotation and request your authorization to proceed.
5. If you authorize repair quotation, you’ll have to make payment via bank transfer or credit card, so we’ll proceed to repair your product.
6. Repaired unit will be sent back to you to previous address provided by you.
What are the response times to repair my computer?
A: Repair time of a unit is 48 hours, including product pick-up, repair and delivery. This time does not consider cases that require the exchange of a component, since this will depend on the availability of the new component in our warehouse or lead time of our component supplier.
Do you provide product pick-up and delivery services?
A: Yes, all repair services offered by Agiotech include pickup and delivery services.
How can I make payments for services and products?
A: Payment can be made by direct or electronic transfer to our bank account or through credit card in our web site.
What if I do not accept the quotation to repair my computer?
A: You won’t be receiving any further fee beyond pickup and delivery costs. Please review the terms and conditions on our
What are the customer service hours?
A: We provide personalized service from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.
What are the pickup and delivery schedules?
A: Courier goes to the address you specified to us both for collection or delivery of your unit, Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm
What is the area you cover for your services?
A: We have coverage in the urban area of the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara. If you need to verify your address, you can call to our customer service phone + (33) 3627 7575 and we will gladly resolve your questions.
What is the warranty you offer for services or products provided?
A: New parts replaced on your equipment have a 1 year warranty with manufacturer. Labor on repair of equipment and / or components is granted a 90-day warranty.
Do you provide sales of electronic products and components?
A: We do. To see our catalog of products and components visit us at our online store through our site: If you do not find the product you are looking for, please contact our customer service team on + (33) 3627 7575 and we will gladly offer you an alternative.